Everything Not Saved is the cumulation of my work for this class. The premise is simple and almost mundane: you’re tasked with cleaning out your desk during a visit home. But as you examine each object and reminisce about what was, the big question emerges: how do you decide what stays and what goes? Which priceless possessions do you have the heart to trash?

This work is based off my previous experience in Unity and scans of childhood possessions that I wrote about gathering in my last blog post. The game’s interaction is simple; players can pick up each object with a click, and drag to examine it at a limited scope before opening up the ‘mental file’ I have on each object. The limited rotation is due to Polycam, as amazing as it is, failing to capture the bottom of my objects and thus creating incomplete objects. (7).gif (6).gif (8).gif

The process of packing your room up is an exercise that excavates everything you know about your past. I believe the medium of a game elevates this exploration, challenging players to balance their practicality with sentimentality, immersing them in my past and present.

“Everything not saved...” is the beginning of an old video game adage; it finishes “...will be lost.” Ultimately, I want to leave the player with a sense of necessary loss, because that’s where we find the true value of our belongings, even as we’re throwing them away.

Play my game here!